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Experts? Really?

It's easy to pretend to know a lot about Technology: there's a lot of jargon and it evolves so quickly that it can leave the layperson baffled. Some technologist exploit that gap, and some try to bridge it with overwrought explanations that further baffle the non-technical.

At Adaptive, we focus on identifying, clarifying and solving your issues. Often, the issues are not technology: there is just an assumption that technology will make the issues go away. We identify the issues and only act if we have something to offer.

Core Principle: People ⇒ Processes ⇒ Technology

In order for any technology to stick you need aligned people, sound processes and appropriate technology - in that order. Most technology projects fail because they focus too much on the technology without sufficiently assessing the people and processes the tech will be applied to.



Technology is simply a force-multiplier: it amplifies the effects of the processes and people. If you have poorly designed processes or poorly performing people, the tech will not stick and may even amplify the problems.

The most common failure points for most technology deployments are:-

    1. People not adequately engaged or aligned: if they can't see the benefits of the new system they will criticise its shortcomings or resist it in favour of what they've always done.

    2. Poor process definition: if people don't know what they are supposed to do, and why, the new tech will simply confuse them.

    3. Poor technology fit: the wrong tool was chosen for the job, or the tool was not fitted to the process correctly.

Our promise: to figure out whether and how your organisation can benefit from better information technology.