AI and ML

"So far computing has mostly been about humans adapting to computers...with #ai it becomes more about computers adapting to humans." 

- Sundar Pichai, Google & Alphabet CEO

There is a lot of hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence, since ChatGPT caught the popular imagination. However, that is merely one branch of AI which has demonstrated particularly human-like behaviours, including the ability to delude itself and those around it.

The beneficial effect of the AI hype is for millions of people to a) see its potential, and b) participate in its potential without the need for massive teams of expensive technical resources. There are, however, a plethora of choices that need to be made to best harness the incredible potential of AI. This is where Adaptive can guide you.

With over 2 years training in modern machine learning and AI, plus access to an extensive talent pool of some of the best AI experts, we can help you to unlock the potential of AI within your organisation, whether it is simple "prompt engineering" (how to talk to a chat AI) or custom-trained AIs for corporate-specific tasks.