Assessment & Advice

Technology is harder than it looks. And easier.

The trouble is knowing the difference. That's where we can help. We have run enterprise scale projects worth millions of dollars and we have built basic websites for small businesses. We have also walked away from contracts where no help was needed.

We are not naïve engineers, thinking that anything is possible in software and looking for ways to prove it. Nor are we parasitic consultants, trying to maximise our utilisation and measuring our success by how many man-days we can bill you. 

We believe in value, for you and for us. If what we offer is valuable to you, your business is valuable to us - a virtuous cycle.

Fractional CTO 

Many businesses don't have or need a full-time Chief Technology Officer, especially startups. They need an experienced advisor, a decision-maker, a recruiter, a negotiator, a team builder and a pace-setter.

As an experienced CTO, both internally and consulting for companies, Neil has substantial expertise in ascertaining what a business needs to succeed with its tech stack, whether it's an established business undergoing transformation, or a startup seeking to scale. 

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Strategy/System selection

Technology moves fast and sometimes your business just wants another perspective from an outside expert looking in. 

Having consulted many blue chip and household name companies (such as Grohe, Heineken, Diageo, ABI) across the world in strategy execution, strategy testing and building high performance team cultures, we have a wealth of experience to draw on.

It's all about getting the right fit: with a clear aim and the right teams doing the right things, the tech empowers all. 

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Non-executive Director

Neil is passionate about well-run businesses, using his MBA and executive consulting experience to ground his future-seeking tech imagination, and sharing his successes and failures to others' benefit.

He's also a quick study, having worked in many industries, from tech to defense to financial services, to media, to FMCG. He enjoys seeking connections between them, be it people or best practices.

He is working with profit and non-profit, tech and non-tech businesses in non-exec roles, and is always open to more.