Assessment & Advice

Technology is harder than it looks. And easier.

The trouble is knowing the difference. That's where we can help. We have run enterprise scale projects worth millions of dollars and we have built basic websites for small businesses. We have also walked away from contracts where no help was needed.

We are not naïve engineers, thinking that anything is possible in software and looking for ways to prove it. Nor are we parasitic consultants, trying to maximise our utilisation and measuring our success by how many man-days we can bill you.

We believe in value, for you and for us. If what we offer is valuable to you, your business is valuable to us - a virtuous cycle.


Your most costly and valuable resource: if they are not engaged and aligned to your mission, they will reject the change, either through preference for the old process, or criticism of the new technology, or both


What make your people most effective. Also what makes software most effective. If processes are not adequately defined then either the technology will not work as built or the people using it will fail to use it effectively.


The force-multiplier: it amplifies the effects of the processes and people. If you have poorly designed processes or poorly performing people, the tech will not stick and may even amplify the problems.