Experts? Really?

It's easy to pretend to know a lot about Technology: there's a lot of jargon and it evolves so quickly that it can leave the layperson baffled. Some technologist exploit that gap, and some try to bridge it with overwrought explanations that further baffle the non-technical. 

At Adaptive, we focus on identifying, clarifying and solving your issues. Often, the issues are not technology: there is just an assumption that technology will make the issues go away. We identify the issues and only act if we have something to offer.

People ⇒ Processes ⇒ Technology  

In most businesses people are your most costly and valuable resource: if they are not effective, you are not effective. Processes help those people to be effective (even the creative, initiative-laden leaders need some processes). 

Here's the key point, though: in most business scenarios Technology helps the processes to be effective, not the people. Sure, there's the laptop and phone, the email and calendars; these are personal technologies that help people manage their lives. The part of your business where technology is the biggest differentiator is in how it is applied to the processes: the workflows and the collaboration projects. The most common failure point for most technology deployments are:-
  1. Poor technology fit: the wrong tool was chosen for the job
  2. Poor process definition: the job, the issue to be addressed, was not clearly defined.
That is our differentiator: we ensure requirement clarity, and we fit a solution to those requirements. And we say if we cannot do so.